A Pembroke College alumna (’48) and founding board member of the Pembroke Associates, Christine Dunlap Farnham had long envisioned an archives chronicling the history of women at Pembroke College and Brown University and of women in Rhode Island.

The Archives of Brown and Rhode Island Women
Upon her untimely death in 1984, Farnham’s friends and associates honored her commitment to the Pembroke Center by helping to bring her archival project to fruition. The first stage of the project, funded by the Farnham Memorial, expanded Brown’s collection of materials on Brown and Rhode Island women and organized and catalogued the wide-ranging documents of women’s history already in the University archives. Karen Lamoree’s Research Guide to the Christine Dunlap Farnham Archives (1989) marks this effort through a detailed catalogue of the contents of the Farnham Archives, as well as other documents pertaining to women in Brown’s special collections.

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The Feminist Theory Papers
TheFeminist Theory Papers collection, inaugurated in 2002, preserves the legacies of more recent feminist thinkers. The new collection continues Pembroke’s commitment to promoting the ongoing evolution of scholarship by documenting the contributions of feminist scholars to cutting-edge research in the human sciences.

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Disturbances Exhibit 2008
An exhibit of materials from the Christine Dunlap Farnham Archives recognizing the intrepid and courageous women scholars and activists who, through their writings and their actions, dared to disturb the status quo. Disturbances may take place around conference tables as well as on the streets.

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